"Brought Sturm und Drang"

Several weeks ago, after a tasty dinner at Birdland with my fellow reviewer and friend Sue Matsuki, I sat back to hear some songs composed by a fellow I’d only heard of in passing and whose music I didn’t know - at all. I noticed that he did attract a very impressive roster of singers to perform his songs, but still - what could this young, handsome musical stranger possibly bring to the party? Well, he brought Sturm und Drang - set to terrific melodies. Scott Evan Davis’ music is complex and adult. It’s exciting and dramatic and takes you to places you didn’t expect to go, a journey through sophisticated meter, melody, and lyric. And big voices are required. Others need not apply. These songs are ultra-rangy with big climaxes and high notes to spare, tunes written for the current crop of big Broadway belters. This is smart music that taps into some very deep emotional wells. Many of the lyrics give the impression of moving forward, of acceptance - but also reveal sadness, anger and disillusionment. (There’s definitely a theme here). Davis seems to open himself up - complete with heart on sleeve and guts exposed. Mr. Davis took to the microphone to sing the final song of the evening, “I Am,” and proved himself to be a winning performer, at home with the rest of the more established singers with whom he shared the stage. These singers probably sensed that they were getting in on the ground floor with a composer whose career may well soar - and many in the audience sensed the same thing - including myself.
— Mona Finston, Cabaret Hotline