"Someone to hear... WOW"

My friend Gerry Geddes shot me an e-mail the afternoon of this show saying that Scott was someone to hear. Since I was already going to be at the show I reviewed above, I decided to stay because I have always trusted Gerry’s judgement and taste... WOW! This was a double-header night to write about... and I am so happy about that! I predict that Scott Evan Davis will have a show on Broadway in ten years time (five if he makes the right connections). He himself is a lovely, sweet man and a fine singer who told us the most wonderful stories of how songwriting literally just came to him. If he can write a script as well as he can write music, this IS the Broadway show he should write. There were funny tunes and heartfelt tunes, love songs and after-love songs, but they all had the same thread of being tunes with very human, every day, ‘I’ve been there’ emotions. Sister with Sister ‘Relative Speaking,’ Mother to Son ‘Walk A Little Slower,’ and Boyfriend to Girlfriend in ‘There’s Nothing I Can Say.’ All relationships seemed to be explored. There was one highlight after another, and with only 11 tunes in the show, Scott’s stories on how the songs came to be became equally as compelling as his tunes—making it just a wonderful night of Cabaret.
— Sue Matsuki, Cabaret Hotline