"A Bona Fide Winner"

When it comes to contemporary songwriting, the obstreperously sizable squad who complain that ‘they don’t write ‘em like they used to’ have got it seriously wrong. The bracing truth is that they do write ‘em very much as the outstanding pop songwriters of the mid-20th century used to.... Prominent among them are Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk, Lance Horne, Sam Davis, Michael Patrick Walker, Scott Evan Davis, Georgia Stitt. Scott Evan Davis, Cautiously Optimistic (Sonic Landscapes Music): At the same time as Davis’s melodies seem to be adventuring in all directions, they’re tightly constructed. It’s a paradox that renders the CD’s title tune, as sung by the fervent Julie Reyburn, compelling. A sub-theme among the songs is parent-child relationships. Of the 12 tracks, the most ready to fly is probably ‘Ready to Fly.’ Like many of the writers today, Davis has the pipes for his own canon — and not just because songwriters are often their best interpreters. His CD-closing ‘I Am,’ about the gift of acceptance, is a bona fide winner.
— David Finkle, The Huffington Post