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Thank you so much for ordering my debut album! Your support means the world to me, and it’s fans like you who continually make me want to keep writing. But before you go, I’ve got something very special I’d like to share with you…

I released my second album NEXT this past year and it features singers such as Derek Klena, Karen Mason, Joshua Colley, Robert Cuccioli and more, and I would LOVE for you to hear it.

Also many fans request the sheet music and lyrics for their personal enjoyment or for public / private performances and auditions. Show choirs and performance auditions often use my music, so I thought it might be a good time to offer ALL of it.

That’s right, everything. Both of my albums, “Cautiously Optimistic” and my most recent album, “Next” in addition to all the sheet and lyrics music for every track on both albums.

If you were to purchase all of these separately, it would cost over $75!

However, as a THANK YOU for ordering one of my albums, I want to offer you all of it for just a fraction of the normal price.

As a special ONE TIME OFFER you will get access to my entire archive for just $34.95. Basically you are getting two albums and songbooks for the price of one. Over 50% off!

Here’s a recap of what you’ll get instant access to with the FAN ONLY BOX SET:

  • Cautiously Optimistic - 12 songs
  • Cautiously Optimistic Songbook - 12 songs
  • Next - 11 songs
  • Next Songbook - 11 songs
  • Before I Forget - Songbook

Now I realize this is probably not for everyone. If my album was a gift, or perhaps just a casual purchase, than this special offer may not be for you.

However if you are a fan of my music and would like to help support me as an artist while getting a great deal, then rest assured this is a great opportunity to load up on some very special content at a price that you WON’T see again.

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER: This enormous discount I’m offering on all of the above is a ONE TIME OFFER and once you close this page this special price will be gone for good.

So if you’d like to get access to all my songs and songbooks, click the order button you see below now!