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Listen to what others are saying about Scott Evan Davis:

"Scott Evan Davis' music is complex and adult. It's exciting and dramatic and takes you to places you didn't expect to go, a journey through sophisticated meter, melody and lyric." - Mona Finston for Cabaret Hotline

"Davis writes with emotional insight and a sensitivity that sets him apart." - John Hoglund for Cabaret Scenes

"At the same time as Davis's melodies seem to be adventuring in all directions, they're tightly constructed...A sub-theme among the songs is parent-child relationships." - David Finkle for Huffington Post


Scott Evan Davis is an American composer who has captured the attention of critics around the world for his lyrical storytelling and relatable themes. From breaking up to moving on; fighting for a voice for autistic children, to struggling with the fading memory caused by Alzheimer's - Scott tackles each song with passion, honesty and a determination to inspire. Each song is it’s own three act play, and manages to convey a truth that is rare in contemporary songwriting.

Inspired by a dream about his deceased college professor, Scott gave up a successful acting career and starting writing music just 7 years ago. In that short time he has already released two albums, worked with countless Broadway stars, performed concerts across the globe, and has been awarded four songwriting awards - including an ASCAP award and a MAC award for "best song". His song "IF THE WORLD ONLY KNEW" (about the challenges that face children with autism) has been covered countless times and has been performed by actors and chorus groups around the world

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